2011-12-19 / Letters

Reason to believe

To the editor:

On Saturday, Dec. 10, I left my wallet in a grocery cart at the Hannaford supermarket in Brunswick. I did not realize it until I put the groceries in my car.

I went back into the store to check if someone had turned it in. After checking at the service desk, canceling my debit card and — with the help of an employee — checking all the trash bins, I didn’t find my wallet.

Upon returning home, I received a phone call from the manager that someone had turned it in. When I went back to service desk to pick up my wallet, everything was still in it.

I want to thank the wonderful woman who found it and turned it in to a cashier. I also want to thank the staff at Hannaford for all their help.

See, there is a Santa Claus.

Linda L. Saila

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