2011-12-15 / Letters

An incredible performance

To the editor:

We’re sure you are well aware of Brunswick High School’s excellence in scholastics and sports. You may not be aware that the same holds for their music program.

We certainly got a sample of this excellence when we attended their annual Winter Instrumental Music Concert on Dec. 8. We came away saying, “Wow, what an incredible performance!”

There were basically two parts — jazz and concert. The jazz section was led off by a trio (piano, guitar and bass) that performed at a professional level. Then came the big band (about 25 pieces) playing five modern charts, including an arrangement by Bill Holman. The high point was the tune “Just Friends,” masterly sung by Sarah Judd, backed by a really swinging big band.

The second part was symphonic in nature. First came a select group of about 20, then an entire orchestra of about 75 that truthfully came close to sounding like the Boston Pops.

They projected the part in their formal black dress and concert demeanor — standing as a unit on the arrival of the director and holding their instruments at attention when not playing, etc.

Led by a most capable director, Michael Scarpone, the Brunswick program is well known in state circles. We saw them win honors at the state finals two years ago and we’re sure they will do so again this spring.

Already, eight of the high school’s have been selected to the District Honors Band. Hats off to the students” very hard work and dedication.

Their performance certainly shows it.

Pete Simonson

Chris Simonson


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