2011-12-13 / Letters

Back to average

To the editor:

Medicaid reforms are so necessary in order to bring Maine in line with national averages in granting aid.

Maine’s Medicaid program gives benefits to 35 percent more of the state’s population than the national average.

Maine’s population grew by only 7 percent from 2000 to 2010. Medicaid enrollment has grown by a whopping 78 percent since 2002.

Today, Medicaid takes up 21 percent of all state funding. It was only 12.4 percent in 1998.

When you factor in federal and state spending together within the state budget, Medicaid now accounts for 32 percent.

Maine is way out of the mainstream in being one of only 15 states in the nation giving benefits under the program to adults who are 19 and 20 years old. Maine is one of only seven states giving benefits to childless adults.

Gov. Paul LePage’s common sense reforms will merely move Maine back toward the national averages and make other sensible changes to fix the budget.

The governor’s reforms protect Maine’s most vulnerable while ensuring that Maine can be on a sound financial footing.

Gov. LePage remains focus on creating jobs, growing Maine’s economy and reforming state government with a return to fiscal responsibility.

That is why I support the reforms that Gov. LePage announced on Dec. 6.

Sally Vose

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