2011-12-08 / Front Page

Sinclair elected to lead council

BY BETH BROGAN Times Record Staff


City councilors on Wednesday unanimously elected Ward 6 Councilor David Sinclair as their chairman. They then voted 5- 4 in favor of Ward 2 Councilor Sean Paulhus to serve as vice chairman for the coming year.

City Clerk Mary White also administered the oath of office to newly elected Ward 1 Councilor Meadow Rue Merrill, as well as to Sinclair and At- large Councilor Andy Winglass, both of whom won new threeyear terms in November.

Sinclair succeeds longtime Ward 4 Councilor Bernie Wyman as chairman. Wyman just finished his second consecutive year as chairman of the City Council.

Councilors were not as unified in electing a vice chairman.

After Winglass nominated Paulhus, Ward 3 Councilor Kyle Rogers nominated Atlarge Councilor Steve Brackett for the leadership position.

With no discussion, Ward 5 Councilor Mari Eosco, Merrill, Paulhus, Winglass and Wyman raised their hands for Paulhus, while Brackett, Councilor Ruthe Pagurko of Ward 7, Rogers and Sinclair supported Brackett.

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