2012-04-09 / Letters

A grateful family

To the editor:

On March 12, we had a fire at our residence on Forbes Road in Lisbon Falls. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all who rendered assistance.

The Lisbon Fire Department and rescue crews’ quick response saved the life of our beloved yellow Lab, and although their attempts to revive our two cats were unsuccessful, we can’t thank them enough for the attempts that were made.

Their rapid response minimized the property damage and the loss of our personal property. Very special thanks go to the fire department and rescue workers for the special care given to me when I arrived home alone to this disaster.

Thank you to the Lisbon Police Department for taking care of me when I arrived home. Their care and concern for my well-being is so greatly appreciated.

All phone calls to my family were made by the police, to get them quickly home to be with me. The canine officer also stayed at the scene to assist with transport for veterinary care, if needed. Thank you so much for that.

Special thanks to the Lisbon Road Animal Hospital for the care given to our yellow Lab. With the extensive care recommended for him after being in a fire, the cost prohibited us from doing the treatment.

We knew we had no choice but to euthanize him. Because of the traumatic situation we were already in, Dr. Robitaille would not allow us to make that decision. She treated him at the hospital and he was sent home with numerous medications.

No fees were charged for this treatment or his follow-up visit. We are happy to report that he is much improved, and we will never be able to thank Dr. Robitaille enough for him still being with us.

To all our neighbors, special thanks for all you have done. Everyone came to offer help, support and whatever we needed. Jackets appeared to keep us warm when evening fell. Coffee was served to us. A place to change and wash up was provided.

Clothing appeared that we would need the next morning. Dog and cat food for our other two cats and pet bowls were brought to us, and a litter box ready for use was given.

When night fell, neighbors came with flood lamps, tools and plywood to assist in securing our home. They stayed to offer any assistance needed until the door was locked and they knew we were set for the night.

The following day, bags and boxes of clothing were delivered to us to help as well.

“Thank you” seems insignificant to express to all of you what we feel for all you’ve done. We are so glad to say that we belong to the community of Lisbon.

Lois Lane,


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