2012-04-05 / Letters

High on the hog

To the editor:

Sylvia Carlton’s letter to the editor (“Sitting ducks,” March 28) was something that we all know.

We have far too many chiefs making the little people pay more than we can afford. Why do we need more new building on the Woolwich Town Office at the same time we are building a new school?

Today's way of thinking is no wonder we are being taxed out of reach of what we get for Social Security.

This little town of Woolwich is trying to keep up with the stupidity of the way our socalled leaders are destroying the country.

When I was born in 1938, this was the United States. Over the years, it has turned into a disgrace.

Maybe they should hire four or five more selectmen in Woolwich to help bankrupt the elderly quicker. Most of us are already there.

Charlie Mesplay


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