2012-04-05 / Letters

Child care jeopardized

To the editor:

I am writing about the current state budget debate in Augusta concerning early childhood programs.

The governor’s budget proposes cutting child care funding in half. It would eliminate state funding for Head Start, the nation’s preschool program designed to ensure low income children start school ready to succeed.

Administratively, the governor is proposing to eliminate the Office of Early Childhood. Throughout the state Resource Development Centers ( RDCs) will lose their funding. These centers help parents find child care and help child care providers meet health and safety requirements.

The Legislature will vote on the budget soon. But, the governor’s proposals to dismantle early childhood programs are not subject to a vote.

Who will help parents find child care? Who will provide technical assistance to providers to comply with state licensing?

Working parents need child care. It appears that the state is gutting child care and shifting the responsibility for checking health and safety compliance to parents.

Let the governor know that now is not the time to abandon young children.

Linda Morse,
Lisbon Falls


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