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Solve the real problem

To the editor:

This is in response to Rob Peabody’s letter ( March 1, “A greater benefit”). I taught elementary and middle school children the fine points of debating. There were two driving principles.

The first is you cannot be disrespectful, use sarcasm or attack the integrity of your opponents. The second is that statements need to be backed up by factual data and all sources need to be cited.

Patricia Quinn, executive director of the Northern New England Passenger Rail Authority, stated at a recent Town Council meeting, “We do have a commitment to provide rail service to Freeport and Brunswick and that will happen this year regardless of whether a layover is built in Brunswick or not.”

State Sen. Stan Gerzofsky has gone on record stating that the facility has no bearing on the train coming to Brunswick.

With those facts clear let’s move on.

Mr. Peabody’s letter makes claims that are not supported by facts. He is implying that the neighborhood is against the train and business. Several neighborhood residents took time out from work Feb. 24 to speak in favor of the train at the public meeting to discuss the rail bond issue held in Augusta.

He also calls people liars and that they don’t have correct information. Mr. Peabody does not mention what the lies are and what information is incorrect. He gives no factual evidence and no sources are cited.

Continuing to promote the idea that the maintenance facility location is going to stop the train and bring financial ruin to Maine Street has no factual basis and is strictly opinion.

Another misconception is that the facility location is set and there can be no further discussion or changes made. According to Sen. Gerzofsky the location is not locked in place yet.

We now need to problem solve. We have an industrial location within one mile of the proposed neighborhood. Placing the facility at the industrial site would give Brunswick a maintenance facility, save a neighborhood and give Maine Street businesses a greater sense of optimism.

The highly charged emotional rhetoric is not helping Brunswick to responsibly move forward.

DeWitt Kimball,


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