2012-02-27 / People Plus Pulse

So they’re not tennis shoes?

BY JORDAN CARDONE Teen Center Coordinator

It’s been a great month at the center with returning teens and new members, updated computers (thanks to volunteers Jack Hudson and Dan Ehlers), and a brand new game system. It’s the best thing ever to this group. But, despite all of my hard efforts, all of my hours of labor, I still managed to make a huge gaffe at work this month.

Upon seeing the first of the new fangled mega shoes that teens are wearing these days, I said to one center member, “Wow, I like your tennis shoes!” I have yet, weeks later, to hear the end of that. Tennis shoes? This has been the most impactful verbal error I have made to date with the teens. Apparently, this generation has not heard of, nor wears tennis shoes. Well excuuuuuuse me!

So what are those giant shoes then? Seems they are referred to as Nikes, or Orbitz, or (whatever the name brand). “How about sneakers?” I asked. Not much better than tennis shoes I found. Alrighty then ...

Free SAT prep classes

Thanks to a grant from the Alfred M. Senter Fund, the Brunswick Teen Center will again be hosting free SAT prep courses.

Two- hour Saturday sessions will be held at noon on April 7 and 28. The courses are limited to the first 25 students who register, and are open to sophomores, juniors and seniors from area schools. Registration forms are available in the Brunswick High guidance office and People Plus. For information, call Jordan Cardone at 721-0754.

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