2012-02-27 / Maine

LePage not impressed with GOP contenders

PORTLAND ( AP) — Gov. Paul LePage said he’s not impressed with the field of contenders in the Republican presidential race and he’d like to see the final choice decided in a floor fight at the Republican National Convention in Tampa this summer.

The outspoken Republican governor, who was the tea party favorite when he was elected in 2010, told Maine Today Media in Sunday’s editions that his party needs a “fresh face” to challenge President Barack Obama in the fall.

While attending the National Governors Association meeting in Washington this weekend, LePage told reporters that he was hoping for a floor fight at the party convention to choose a nominee.

“I would love to see a good old-fashioned convention and a dark horse come out and do it in the fall,” LePage said, adding that he didn’t have a particular alternative candidate in mind.

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