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First class coach

To the editor:

It is said that sports reveals character more than it builds character.

Those of us at the women’s basketball game on Saturday between Bowdoin College and Connecticut College saw sports do both.

Saturday was Senior Day at Bowdoin, and it is traditional for a coach to substitute for her seniors very late in the game so the crowd can acknowledge the players who have worked so hard for four years.

But when Bowdoin coach Adrienne Shibles tried to call time out with less that 30 seconds remaining in the game, in order to let the crowd acknowledge the seniors as they left the floor, the official looked right at her and refused to grant her the time out. Possession of the ball went over to Conn College, and the opportunity to applaud the seniors appeared lost.

But Conn College coach Brian Wilson saw this happening and told his player dribbling the ball to step out of bounds with less than 3 seconds left. That stopped the clock, possession reverted to Bowdoin, coach Shibles called time out and the crowd cheered the seniors, playing their final regular-season game at Morrell Gym, long and loud.

By telling his player to do something that was against all her training and instincts, Coach Wilson showed the highest of character and, one trusts, helped build some character in his players.

Sports are best when they attract people like Brian Wilson to coaching. Thanks, Coach, for a generous gesture and a wonderful life lesson.

Bob Neal
New Sharon


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