2012-02-07 / Letters

A unifying movement

To the editor:

Occupy Brunswick invites the community to join a conversation about the Occupy Movement on Sunday at 4 p.m. at Curtis Memorial Library, 23 Pleasant St., Brunswick.

We believe the Occupy Movement has awakened the American people to the overwhelming power of large corporations. There is a growing understanding that these corporations, whose bottom line is profit at all cost, have bought our government, and are making the decisions that shape the quality of our lives and the well- being of our planet.

At Occupy meetings, you’ll find people who are involved in all the significant issues of the day — health care providers and recipients working for a universal health care system; peace activists working to stop our involvement in endless costly wars; environmentalists who are trying to limit destruction of the earth due to climate change.

There are teachers speaking out against the defunding of our schools; workers protesting Right to Work laws; local farmers who are fighting for their traditional right to provide food for the local population; and locavores educating their communities about the many dangerous practices of agribusiness.

Let us not waste this precious opportunity to connect all the issues. Let us join hands to create a mass movement to dethrone the corporations and those politicians who serve them. Let us bring some real democracy to the people of America.

We honor the courageous resistance of young people of the Arab Spring whose energy crossed the ocean to inspire the Occupy Movement. Please join us at the library on Sunday to share your ideas for organizing and action in 2012. A light meal will be served.

Selma Sternlieb
Karen Wainberg

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