2012-02-01 / Letters

A well-run operation

To the editor:

Recently, I had an opportunity to sit in on a portion of the board meeting for the Bath Youth Meetinghouse and Skatepark. The quality of leadership demonstrated by the board compels me to write.

The board is made up of a healthy diversity of ages and interests among its members. The expressed values of responsibility to both the youth and the wider community is impressive.

To me, it is obvious that accountability to and by the youth, transparency of management practices and a passion to serve for the greater good are integral pieces to a larger picture for the board of directors.

It has given hours of talent and commitment to support of the Bath Youth Meetinghouse and Skatepark, which, in turn, benefits the entire Bath area.

It is difficult to see why additional oversight of the park is necessary or beneficial. The umbrella of the Bath Parks and Recreation Department has done a superb job of creating, offering and managing a well-run program that is comprehensive and valuable to the community.

I cannot imagine that having the Bath Youth Meetinghouse and Skatepark will change the integrity of a recreation program that is already up and running.

Because the city of Bath already supports the Department of Parks and Recreation, how would having an additional layer of control be in the best interest of the city?

The welfare of young people has been a life-long interest for me, one to which I have dedicated years of time and energy. I find it distressing that debates over the decision to move forward are taking place. And I cannot help but wonder what kind of message we are sending to our young people.

Do we want to send the message that our singular opinions are more important than our young people?

I believe that the City Council sent a good clear message when it voted to place the skate park in the armory. At that time, the council did not express any concerns about future management of the Park.

I, for one, like to trust that our elected officials have the insight, knowledge and authority to make a decision for me, one that is firm in their commitment to the community.

Jane Parry,


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