2012-01-19 / Letters

The sounds of silence

To the editor:

It’s been over a month since I asked the Brunswick Town Council members and town manager to publicly respond to whether they agreed with the Bouchard Drive neighborhood train maintenance facility location.

Not one has publicly answered the question.

I would also like the council to present their research that shows the financial justification for bringing the train to Brunswick in the first place. We have lost years of property tax revenue from the Inn at Brunswick Station, and the Bouchard Drive neighborhood’s tax revenue should be reduced as well when the train facility arrives.

It seems like a net loss to the town.

We deserve to see the profit and loss numbers that drove the decision to bring the train to Brunswick.

What are the projections for the property value loss in the Bouchard Drive neighborhood? Who will profit most from the train? Council members, show us the numbers.

The council members are happy to publicly discuss why they should be elected, but once the votes are tallied they publicly take no stand on the most contentious issue of the town. It leads me to believe that they agree with the location of the train facility.

Have our council members forgotten who they work for? Has the town manager forgotten who pays his salary?

They should be obligated and feel a responsibility to answer questions in a public forum. Their silence speaks volumes in regards to their philosophy of governance.

Is it arrogance, indifference, or ineptitude?

DeWitt Kimball,


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