2012-01-16 / Letters

Blather season

To the editor:

’Tis the season, no not that season, that one is passed to return in 10 months or so.

It is the season of innuendo, slurs, bragging, slander, lies, misinformation, influence pedaling and heaps of negative and expensive advertising.

It is the season of unending wasteful spending on travel of all sorts. It is the season that the media feeds on, filling their coffers and giving them ample opportunity to comment on the latest infidelity or misspent fund.

Media coverage dwells on who is ahead and who is lagging behind, never on what is said by those in question. This season started months ago and will go on until Election Day in November, at which time there will be a short and blissful hiatus of perhaps a month or two and then the season will start to ramp up again.

Most of us on the receiving end of this barrage are already wishing it were over. Nearly all of us, I imagine, would rather see the piles of money spent on useless drivel spent in ways that could actually benefit the citizens of the world. The multiple billions thrown at constituents of various states could actually do something more than buy pizza and hot dogs.

The skies of the world would be somewhat cleaner without myriad jets and buses hopping from one state to the next in a quest for one more vote.

Though it would trample heavily on our right to free speech, I propose to limit this load of manure to one month. The penalty for violation would be media blacklisting for four years.

An added benefit to the truncation of blather would be that the super PACs could spend their money on creating jobs rather than influence pedaling.

Bart Chapin,


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