2012-01-11 / Letters

Disrespect for flag

To the editor:

I would like to apologize to my fellow veterans and the families of all veterans in the Bath area and all those who visit Bath, for the lack of respect show for the American flag by the Machinists union.

For more than 10 months now, as of the close of 2011, the American flag outside our union hall on Washington Street in Bath has not been lit up during the nighttime hours.

On at least one occasion, and possibly two, she has not been lowered to half staff to salute our fallen.

For 2011, the local Machinists union took in upward of $2.75 million, so money can’t be an excuse. Although I have heard other excuses, such as “Things take too long” and “I give enough of my time” for other issues.

Maybe if you call the union hall at 443-5566 or 443-5567 and ask then what the problem is, you can get the flag lit.

Again, I apologize for the lack of respect show our flag. I am a Local S6 member with more than 37 years at Bath Iron Works. I’m also a Vietnam war veteran, class of 1967-68.

Mickey Meader,


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