2012-01-09 / Letters

Exaggerated view

To the editor:

In her Jan. 2 letter to the editor, (“Bullied by NNEPRA”), Julie Wise invited readers to personally view a “clear cut” area behind the homes on Bouchard Drive.

As I have done many times before, I not only drove to the area but walked through the still lovely woods and along the tracks.

The so-called “clear cut” is merely the area on the opposite side of the tracks from the Bouchard neighborhood, where a great deal of scrub growth had colonized the disused rail yard, an area identified on every NNEPRA presentation for more than a year as the locus of the new overnight facility and the additional tracks that will serve it.

I won’t take space here to refute Ms. Wise’s other preposterous claims, but this “clear cut” claim is so thoroughly misleading that I feel compelled to write.

The woods behind the homes abutting the tracks retain their mix of evergreens and deciduous trees undisturbed, effectively screening the view of the tracks for a great many residents.

Just what part of someone else’s land does Ms. Wise not understand? Does she really believe that when she purchases a property, she is entitled to force her will regarding scrub growth upon nearby landowners?

Bouchard is, and I believe will continue to be, a lovely place to live. Property values will reflect this desirability when neighbors stop their negative advertising.

They have met the enemy. It is themselves.

Claudia Knox

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