2012-01-05 / Letters

Job creation myth

To the editor:

I would like to point out that when politicians talk about protecting the job creators ( meaning businesses), they are also talking about job destroyers.

Businesses hire when the economy is up and demand is high. They lay off and cut back otherwise, when the economy is down.

Since they will not hire out of goodwill, and people can’t spend money they don’t have, we’re stuck in this economy until the government creates jobs.

Once people are back to work and secure in their finances, they will be able to spend more on goods and services. Businesses can rehire and create jobs. The government will have increased revenue from taxes and can do some rehiring of its own.

Plus, the government will have a substantial savings in food stamps, subsidized housing and health care. Once the country is on its feet financially, we can then work on the deficit, and the myriad problems that led up to the deficit and recession.

Doris McNally, Leeds


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