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Guns Are Not to Blame for Gun Violence

As I was reading Gary Anderson’s column in The Times Record ("New Blood Aims To End Gun Violence," April 22), the same old song rang out. Why is it that all the walkouts, marches and media point to the gun’s being the fault of all the shootings? I am a responsible gun owner and have been all my life. I am sure there are thousands just like me out there. We all sit back and listen to the negativity of gun violence and gun rights being attacked. Has anyone taken a look at the shooters of these school shootings? If the did they would see a pattern, and that pattern is a major portion of the shooters are young male students. The schools are aware of a great number these student’s that have mental problems with home life or bullying or any number of things that can set them off. They had a panel of teachers and other school employees along with a school officer. When asked if anyone knew of a student that could crack at anytime, everyone on the panel raised their hand. Why isn’t the problem being addressed at that level?

All the schools have to do are put metal detectors in at every entrance and have officers in place and no one would get into the school with a firearm. Problem solved. You will never get guns off the street no matter what you do. Make all the laws you want but remember one thing, laws are made for honest people. It’s about time the problem of school shootings are addressed but it won’t be with any laws you can come up with. Fix the broken system not the honest people who own firearms and abide by the law. I am sure there will be many who refute this, but one thing will remain and that is I will never give up my right to own firearms no matter what they are.

Dennis Richards,

Walk-In Against Gun Violence

I believe in both common sense gun regulation and the rights of Americans to bear arms as set out by the entire second amendment.

Right now, our children are both the victims of gun violence and the emerging leaders of the drive for a change in our attitudes and regulations of firearms.

On April 20 (the 19th anniversary of the Columbine massacre) there is a national day of action.

Because of the school schedule here in Maine a school walkout is not a possibility. So, the Maine Gun Safety Coalition is planning a Walk-In Against Gun Violence.

They are inviting all high school and college students to come to the University of Southern Maine, Portland campus. It runs from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. and includes lunch. Their website is mainegunsafety.org.

It is free to all students! I support this and all civil discussions on solving the problem of gun violence in America.

Sharon Keisch,

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quite the opposite is the

quite the opposite is the truth: Guns Are Not to Blame for Gun Violence. guns ARE THE ABSOLUTE BLAME FOR the death of people, especially for children. this trend will continue, why, guns shoot over 6 rounds at a time, they just mow kids down, so how can any IRA gang member support the selling of ak47, and guns with clips is beyond me. i strongly support our 2nd ammendment, but it needs an adjustment, and that is no gun to be sold in the U.S. that is automatic. this would help keep a sick person with a killing weapon, from creating a massacre. there is a hugh difference between a killing and a masscacre. we need to at least do our best as a decent society to eleminate as many killings as possible, it will never stop we all know that, but lets TRY our best to cut it down as much as possible and with good conscience. bill perreault