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April 16, 2018 RSS feed / Opinion

Political Cartoon

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RCV Demands Serious Debate, Not Partisan Wars

Guest Column

Maine seems to be enjoying what could turn out to be a long-running political saga. It began with the 2010 election, when a split electorate made Paul LePage governor, even though he had failed to gain a majority of votes. More...

The Kids Are Alright

Brought Up Brunswick

Ah youth — the new target of so-called adult society in America. I mean, we’ve always had the cliche “back in my day” types harping on about how superior their generation was regarding style, mannerisms and music. More...


Guns Are Not to Blame for Gun Violence More...

Give Them Shelter


Everyone should be afforded the basic dignity of a bed on which to sleep at night.  For many homeless people in the Brunswick area, that’s not possible, as seen by the high rates of which people are turned away from Tedford Housing’s More...

Quote of the day

Go on failing. Go on. Only next time, More...

Political Cartoon

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Elections Under Pressure


This year’s elections will be confusing and possibly corrupt. Voting used to be a routine process in which people had confidence. More...

Congress Not Up to the Task of Taking On Facebook

Guest Column

As I watched Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg go head-to-head with members of Congress, I couldn't help but have the same reaction I have when I get a pointless chain email from an elderly relative.  The inclination to smile, shake your More...


No Easy Answer to Pleasant Street Traffic Woes More...

A Bridge to Gratitude

(in Brunswick’s Greater Town Commons)

Your Land More...

A Little Light Beach Reading

Tina and I had the good fortune to spend the month of March on Anna Maria Island in Florida. Anna Maria Island is all about the beach, not golfing or tennis, just the beach. More...

Remembering Skip on the St. George

Skip and Jo Pendleton were members of the Penobscot Paddle and Chowder Society (PPCS) for a couple of decades. More...


Call Him ‘Daffy Donald More...

Political Cartoon

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Don’t Block the Sun

Guest Column

Ben Franklin said nothing is certain in life except death and taxes. If I had to state a preference, I’d say death is better because it only happens once and makes more sense. More...

New Blood Aims To End Gun Violence

Guest Column

Saturday March 24 was a historic day for the anti gun violence movement. More...


Nature at Her Best   I am not going to add to the plethora of comments regarding the pros and cons of replacement versus renewal of the Frank J. More...


If you want to conquer fear, don't sit at home and think about it. Go out and get busy.

Dale Carnegie, American writer-lecturer (1888-1955)   More...

Political Cartoon

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