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January 12, 2018 RSS feed / Opinion

Troubled Water

Imagine that it’s about a week ago: You’re in the dead of winter and temperatures are routinely falling below zero. More...

Political Cartoon

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Flip-flops, Nullification Become Routine


When government reverses an established policy, the move can range from a “flip-flop” to outright “nullification.” A “flip-flop” is a switch in policy. Nullification is a move to ignore the law.  More...

Another Take on Another View

Over the last several months I have read columns in this paper from a group that calls itself “Another View.” After reading several of these editorials, I have concluded that the members of “Another View” are really just a gro More...

Poetic Mount Megunticook

“Where the mountains meet the sea,” is an oft-quoted phrase attributed to poet Edna St. Vincent Millay to describe the Camden Hills. More...

Driving While Old


For the last 30 years of his life, my dad drove from Wilmington, Delaware to Atlantic City twice a week to play blackjack. In addition to being a Hall of Fame bridge player and former Manhattan Project scientist, my dad was a skilled card counter. More...

Reflections on the UN and New York

On Nov. 19 - 12, 2017, students from all over the world attended the annual Model United Nations in Stockholm, Sweden. For high school students not able to make this international trip, a UN Rotary Interact Club Conference was held Nov. More...

Remember When?

Bath’s Singing Vendor

Who could ever forget the one and only Jack Lynch? The only one Bath ever had. The gentleman that sang of his wares, “My oranges, peaches and pears.”  More...

Military Readiness and Early Childhood Investment

Guest Column

Much of the recent debate about ways to build our military strength has focused on additional ships and jets or developing new technologies. More...


Teach us that wealth is not elegance, that More...

Political Cartoon

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A Long Overdue New Year’s Resolution


A new year arrives and the timeless standing challenge is to make at least one resolution and follow through on it. More...

What Is an Emergency? Nobody Knows

Legislation in the second session of each Maine Legislature is reserved for the Governor’s bills, budgetary matters and emergency legislation that impacts the health and safety of all Maine citizens. More...


Maine Providers Standing Up for Healthcare   More...


History must speak for itself. A historian is More...


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Education Revisited


Every so often I get comments about my columns. Sometimes the emails come as though the sender is enjoying a happy hour, others come with tips or questions. More...

The Part-Time Presidency of Donald Trump

Guest Column

Note to self: When it’s time to sit down and talk with my bosses about my next steps as an opinion editor and all-around-columnist guy, I must make sure to negotiate in plenty of “executive time.” More...

Political Cartoon

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LePage’s Toxic Attitude Toward Young People

In a span of fewer than 10 days, Governor Paul LePage has made clear the toxic inconsistency in his attitude toward the position that young people — whether from Maine originally or moving here from away — ought to hold in the present and More...