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Black Lives Matter to UU Church

Our congregation, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Brunswick, recently installed a Black Lives Matter banner on the side of our building. Here’s why: Black Lives Matter is the latest chapter in our nation’s long struggle for racial justice. The movement began in response to the 2012 killing of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, and it continues to protest how black people and other people of color are deprived of basic rights and dignity. The Black Lives Matter movement advocates for all marginalized voices – women, people with disabilities, LGBTQ people, the undocumented.

Our Black Lives Matter banner expresses our support for this movement, as we understand it. Our banner also reflects the work our congregation is doing within our hearts and souls. We live in a society where white people are afforded privileges. Those privileges are often denied to people of color, who instead face obstacles and biases. As a congregation, we are trying to identify and understand those privileges and biases so that we can work more effectively to help create a just and inclusive society.

Our banner represents the world we dream of: A world where people of color are treated fairly by the justice system and have the same educational, housing, and job opportunities as white people, a world where skin color does not signify inherent worth or lack of worth. We seek to raise our awareness and to help build communities where people who seem different are no longer seen as “other,” but who instead can be understood and accepted for who they are. Join us!

For the Unitarian Universalist

Church of Brunswick: Charles

Evans, Board Chair; Glenn

Williams, Board Vice Chair;

Paul Peranteau, Treasurer;

Mary Larson, Clerk; Sylvia

Stocker, Minister

More Train Support

Bravo to Carrie Callahan of Bath for her well written response to the train naysayers.

I was born and live in Brunswick and am so happy we have train service. And yes, I can hear the whistle, and it is a comfort to know that every effort is being made to let people know at the crossings that the train is coming.

The appeal to most people when they choose where to live and work is available transportation other than a car. Brunswick is a special place made even more so by the train.

Linda Routhier,


Don’t Get Fooled Again

When do we stop giving Susan Collins a free pass to the senate each election cycle? The whole state sings her praises because she bucks her parties’ line now and again. A tiny fraction of this is sincere but at other times she knows her vote won’t count so in a sense she throws us Dems some red meat so that we stay in her camp! If you were to look at her complete voting record over the years, you would see that she is truly on the side of rich folks and corporations, everything that 99 percent of Mainers do not subscribe to! So let’s stop fooling ourselves into thinking Collins is working for us down in Washington. Boy, have we been duped over the years!

David and Kathy Puff,


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Funny thing is David and

Funny thing is David and Kathy, Senator Collins is hardly working for us Republicans either. One thing she will never get again is my vote.