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Woolwich to hold meeting ahead of ecomaine decision

Times Record Staff


The Woolwich Solid Waste, Recycling and Composting Committee on Aug. 23 will discuss long-term contracts with ecomaine and Riverside Disposal that will be decided at a special Town Meeting next month.

Ecomaine proposed a 10-year contract to the town earlier this year that would replace a current year-to-year contract.

The town had originally set a special Town Meeting for July 17 to vote on the contract, but ecomaine has extended its current contract until the special Town Meeting on Sept. 5, giving residents more time to look at the proposal. The July 17 meeting was held as required by law, but ended without any action.

Ecomaine is encouraging towns to sign longer contracts to ensure that there is enough space for their solid waste and recycling at their Portland based plant in future years. Without longer term contracts, ecomaine’s limited space could fill up as other municipalities sign up for their services.

According to a press release from Woolwich, the contract under consideration “holds the tipping fees for solid waste at the town’s current price of $58.72/ton plus an annual CPI-U increase for the next three years, at which time it would increase to $70.50 plus 3 years’ worth of accumulated and deferred CPI-U increases. The tipping fee for the remaining years of the contract would then continue to rise from the $70.50 tipping fee plus annual CPI-U.”

“Ecomaine’s goals of reducing trash, lowering costs of disposal, and caring for our environment supports the mission of the town committee,” said committee Chairman Jonathan Appleyard in a press release.

The meeting will be held at the town office on Aug. 23 at 5 p.m. A representative from ecomaine will be on hand to speak and answer questions.


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