2017-01-30 / Local

Tips leads to graffiti suspect arrest in Lisbon

Times Record Staff


Thanks to a call from an observant citizen Thursday, Police believe they have caught the person responsible for several acts of vandalism around town.

“We had a call from a citizen yesterday afternoon at about 4:20 that thought they saw someone acting kind of suspicious on Mill Street, and that’s one of the areas that has been hit pretty hard,” Lisbon Police Chief Marc Hagan said on Friday.

Two officers and a detective responded to the area and saw a young man matching the description they were given, on the walking path between Lisbon Community School and Route 196. According to Hagan, they saw him begin to tag one of the signs on the walking path using a paint marker.

“He vandalized a couple of signs on the path so the officers approached him and eventually took him into custody,” Hagan said.

Police arrested Daniel Martin, 18, of Lisbon Street and charged him with seven counts of criminal mischief — Class D crimes that are punishable by up to 364 days incarceration and a $2,000 fine.

Hagan said Martin was released from the police station on $500 unsecured bail. His bail conditions prohibit further criminal conduct and possession of any spray paint cans or paint markers.

There could be further charges as police try to roundup all of the vandalism and criminal mischief complaints the department has received, Hagan said.

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