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Lisbon police plead for patience

Altercations trigger extra attention
Times Record Staff


After a weekend of calls that included an unusual level of violence, Lisbon police on Monday asked for courtesy and patience from their Facebook followers, as well as help finding a suspect.

Police on Saturday were called to the Big Apple on Lisbon Street at 10:12 p.m. for an altercation between two men that allegedly involved a knife and gun.

Lisbon Police Chief Marc Hagan said a verbal disagreement began when a man purchasing merchandise at the register in the convenience store told the man next in line that he was standing too close.

The man who was standing second in line allegedly followed the first man outside where the argument continued, Hagan said, until one man pushed the other man, who then pulled out a knife.

In response, the man who allegedly did the pushing went to his vehicle and returned pointing a firearm at the man with the knife before a friend got him back inside a truck and they drove away.

The incident was reported by a witness who had been at the gas pumps. The man who allegedly pulled the knife was still at Big Apple when police arrived, Hagan said, and police posted an image of the other man on its Facebook page because they were trying to locate him. He came to the police station on his own Monday. Once the investigation is complete, Hagan anticipated the district attorney will decide whether to press charges.

The altercation took place outside the store where people were fueling up their vehicles. No one was injured during the confrontation.

“This could have turned bad quickly,” Hagan said. “Our biggest concern here wasn’t as much about these two arguing with each other as much as the innocent bystanders who were needlessly put at risk.”

Almost two hours later, police got a report at 11:53 p.m. Saturday that a man had been assaulted in the parking lot of the Xtra Mart across Route 196 from the high school. Hagan said police arrived to find a 19-year-old man in a vehicle who had injuries consistent with having been in a fight. He refused medical attention.

Hagan said the man was uncooperative and wouldn’t tell police what had happened, and was issued a disorderly conduct warning.

On Sunday morning, an apparent road rage incident at Food City was reported to police at 7:16 a.m.

Hagan said the 43-year-old male victim reports he was pulling into Food City when the driver of a vehicle behind him made some comments to him out the window, and then allegedly got out of his vehicle and punched the suspect in the face a couple of times. The victim told police he doesn’t know what spurred the incident.

The male suspect was described as driving a vanilla-colored Bronco, possibly 2004-2006 models.

“In the meantime we would like to ask everybody to relax, have some patience with one another, and show some courtesy and simple human kindness before we wear the darn sirens out in our cruisers,” the Lisbon Police Department posted on its Facebook page. “After all, we have a lot to be thankful for. Let’s not forgot that Lisbon is a great little community, the days are getting longer, and the Patriots are in the Super Bowl!!”

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