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September 29, 2016 RSS feed / Opinion


Support for Neilson   Will Neilson will represent our district as state representative in Augusta with distinction. He has had many opportunities to be in leadership positions in his hometown of Arrowsic and in the Greater Bath community.  More...


Wars teach us not to love our enemies, More...

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Baldacci Crosses Party Lines to Oppose Question 2

Mark your calendars — a Maine liberal opposes a Democratic ballot initiative. More...

‘All Politics Is Local’


It’s argued that the greatest advances in America’s political arena come about by leadership from the bottom-up, not the top-down. More...

Coast Guard’s Decision Dictated by Free Market


In The Times Record of Sept. 21, Jonathan Crimmins wrote a piece titled “Elections Have Consequences,” a quote he attributed to President Obama. More...


Sometimes I think we Americans are the loneliest More...

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The Husky Woman Has Not Sung


I will whole heartedly admit that I held out little hope that the Town Council would do what I considered to be the right thing and sell the property at 946 Mere Point. More...

Council Made the Right Call

I would like to thank the 5 Councilors who voted to sell the property at 946 Mere Point Road and tell them that I am proud of them. Each and every one gave a thoughtful and reasoned approach to the issue at hand. More...

More on Mere Point

As the Town Council considers the sale of the 946 Mere Point property, we believe that a right of way through the property should not be included, nor should a land trust or similar organization be considered as a buyer for the following reasons:&nbs More...

Support for Brownie Carson

Truly good fortune has given District 24 voters a chance to put Brownie Carson in the Maine State Senate. He is badly needed in Augusta. More...

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Keeping Mere Point Land Not in Town’s Best Interest


As did most other Town Councilors, I received over 100 emails or letters before the vote on Sept. 19 on whether to retain or sell the tax-acquired property at 946 Mere Point Road. More...

Question 2 Will Undo Tax Breaks for Wealthy, Raise $159M for Schools

On Nov. 8, Maine voters will consider Question 2, a ballot initiative that would roll back recent tax breaks for the wealthy and dedicate this revenue to provide additional state level resources for schools. More...


Supporting Seth More...

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McMansion on a Hill


Small town politics are hell. For those who don’t view it as sport, debate around local issues can get personal pretty damn quick.  Small towns have long memories, and hurt feelings linger.  More...

Two Sets of Rules


Growing up here, I learned there were two distinct sets of rules. Now, I know you really want me to just spew them out for you so you can move along without figuring what I was getting at, but I’m no master of haiku.  More...


Believing in Berry Seth Berry, a former two-term State Representative who is running again to represent us in Bowdoinham, Bowdoin, and Richmond, has the temperament to elevate the political discourse in Augusta. More...