2015-12-16 / Opinion

How Bad Will Citizenship Profiling Get?

Is profiling going to be the new measure for citizenship? Will our esteemed presidential candidates close our borders, withdraw citizenship and evacuate undesirables based on a profile matching that of the perpetrator of mass killing? Should membership in the Weathermen and the Black Panthers back in the ’60s and ’70s be driven out of the country? Can the killings in abortion clinics disqualify religious fundamentalists from citizenship? Should we banish all members of groups similar to the perpetrators of the Oklahoma bombing that killed 168, the shootings in Sandy Hook (28), Colombine (62), North Illinois (52), Umpqua (57). How do they profile caucasians or Christians? One wonders who will be left to populate the land. I would no doubt be deported. How about you?

Hubbard C. Goodrich,


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