Birth Announcement

 Congratulations on your newborn! Your birth announcement must be submitted to The Times Record within one (1) year. To ensure accuracy, please fill out this form completely. Please spell out all names. Also, please do not use abbreviations or nicknames.

The Times Record publishes news of weddings, engagements, anniversary and birthday announcements as a community service. They are news stories, not ads, and are therefore subject to editing. The Times Record does not guarantee the appearance of print announcements online. They may not be available due to technical difficulties. Some announcement categories may be excluded from

You can use the form below to submit an announcement or you can obtain a form through the mail by writing to:

The Times Record - attn: Milestones Editor
P.O. Box 10, Brunswick, ME 04011 • (207) 504-8243

Should you have any questions, or if you experience any difficulties placing your engagement announcement, contact The Times Record at (207) 729-3311 or e-mail us if you have any technical questions.

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